Listening to jazz music can inspire new solutions and insights to difficult problems.

Harlem Jazz Shrines

At Harlem Jazz Shrines, we also understand that jazz music boosts immunity. It increases your immunoglobulin A (IgA) levels if you listen to this music genre for 30 minutes daily.

Present in your body’s mucous linings, IgA is an antibody that prevents bacterial or viral infections. This effect is felt up to 30 minutes post listening to music.


Jazz enhances focus, verbal memory and mood within 3 months after getting a stroke. Unlike listening to an audio book, jazz music has a more powerful effect on your attention span, focus and verbal memory. It fosters recovery from stroke.


Jazz music also helps with stress relief. The relaxing nature of this type of music is effective at stress relief just as massage lowers anxiety. When you listen to music at 60 BPM, your brain synchronizes with the beat to trigger ALPHA brain waves (8 – 14 hertz) responsible for making you conscious and relaxed.


Listening to jazz music can also relieve you of pain. It lowers the intensity and time of migraine and general headaches. The music lowers chronic pain if you listen to it every hour daily. It reduces pain by up to 21%, a figure 19% higher than in non-listeners.

10 of the Most Famous Jazz Songs of All Time

Jazz is one of the most popular types of music. It is noted for its unending improvisation, with singers coming up with their own performances on the spot. This particular type of music originated in the United States but has since spread all over the world.

Many great tracks have been released over the course of jazz’s history. Here are the 10 most popular jazz songs of all time.

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