5 Modern Jazz Artists You Should Be Listening To

Jazz music is making a comeback, and there are some new artists out there that you should be listening to. This genre of music is known for its improvisational nature, and these modern artists are keeping the tradition alive. So if you’re looking for something new to listen to, check out these 5 modern jazz artists!

Kamasi Washington

Is one of the most popular modern jazz artists out there. His albums “The Epic” and “Heaven and Earth” are must-haves for any jazz fan. He draws influence from a wide range of music, including classical, hip hop, and rock.

Robert Glasper

Is another great modern jazz artist. He’s won multiple Grammy Awards, and his 2012 album “Black Radio” was a critical and commercial success. He experiments with different genres, and his music is often described as “post-bop”.

Miles Mosley

Is a bassist, vocalist, and composer who has worked with some of the biggest names in jazz. His album “UPRISING” was nominated for a Grammy, and he’s considered one of the best bassists in the world.


Is a multi-instrumentalist who is known for his work in the jazz-funk and soul-jazz genres. He’s collaborated with many different artists, including Kamasi Washington, Kendrick Lamar, and Flying Lotus.

Flying Lotus

Is a producer and DJ who creates experimental electronic music. He often incorporates elements of jazz into his work, and he’s been praised for his innovative style. His album “Cosmogramma” is a must-listen for any fan of modern jazz.

Jazz is one of the most unique and versatile forms of music in the world. It can be smooth and mellow, or hard-hitting and energetic. And it’s always evolving, with new artists pushing the boundaries of what jazz can be. Each one has its own unique sound, and they’re all worth a listen.


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