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Harlem Jazz Shrines is an online jazz platform that was established about a decade ago. We discuss jazz, a form of music with roots in New Orleans’ community of African-American. This music genre is among the most diversified forms of music worldwide.

Jazz combines melody, rhythm and harmony to create a relaxing and calming jazz song. Bands interact and respond to their audience, hence the notion that this form of music is more than music or just making notes.

We’re a team of jazz lovers, enthusiasts, and musicians who’ve come together to start this platform. We enjoy listening to jazz music anywhere and in any way.

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Harlem Jazz Shrines was founded in 2011 to meet your needs to learn about jazz music and everything it has to offer. We’re artists of jazz music and have learnt many lessons regarding this music genre. With hands-on experience, relevant skills, and other qualifications, we provide authoritative content.

We began with a small team of 5 individuals, but have grown over the years. The online company has also grown over the years to lure more customers or traffic to our official website. We speak, talk, breathe, and see jazz music in all that we do.